woocommerce show/hide flat rate based on product quantity

After long search for a good plugin couldn’t find anything so i created this snippets to help me in this subject

//Show/Hide FLATE RATE Shipping Based on Item Count for Domestic Shipment

add_filter('woocommerce_package_rates', 'show_hide_flat_rate_shipping', 10, 2);
function show_hide_flat_rate_shipping($available_shipping_methods, $package){
    $minimum_number_of_item = 10; //Give here minumum number of items to allow freeshipping

    $flat_rate  =   true;
    global $woocommerce;

    $item_count = 0;
    foreach (WC()->cart->cart_contents as $key => $item) {
        $item_count += $item['quantity'];

    if( $item_count >= $minimum_number_of_item ){ //if products is greater or equal to the minumum number in my case 10 
        $flat_rate  =   false;

    if($flat_rate){ //if flat_rate is true
     //do nothing show all shipping methods
    else{ //if flat_rate is false
        foreach($available_shipping_methods as $shipping_method =>  $method){
            if( strpos( $shipping_method, 'flat_rate' ) !== false ) {
    return $available_shipping_methods;